Nearshore, Code-Bridge


The Smart Outsourcing System For IT Operations

Nearshoring is the golden middle way between onshoring and offshoring, which uses the advantages of both. Onshoring companies deal with high costs in hiring, labor, production and other areas, while with offshoring quality control and management of the production system overall becomes rather complicated due to both geographic scale and cultural barriers. With nearshoring, companies get to create a system, where IT production is run in a nearby country, benefiting from close geographic proximity, common business culture and reduced operational costs.


Lower costs in management, production, personnel and other areas
Close geographic proximity allows ease of communication, frequent flights and coherent team work
Utilizing global talent – the team and the network of project managers, developers and engineers we have in Germany and Armenia offer the best expertise and the talent from both regions


Language and cultural differences is basically the main hardship nearshoring companies have to deal with. Different attitudes, customs, work cultures and languages take time to adjust and constant work to ensure coherence.

Advantages with Code-Bridge

Even cons are turned into pros at Code-Bridge
Only 2 hours’ time zone difference between Germany and Armenia even helps to spend the day more productively and cover more throughout the day
Armenia being a bearer of many, but primarily Western culture, is an easy country to communicate, work and socialize with
English language is spoken easily and commonly in Armenia, which creates smooth communication, where everyone is one the same page
Relations with the EU keep getting better. The EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement signed back in November 2017 and the VISA-free travel policy makes Armenia a great nearshore destination
Nearshore outsourcing at Code-Bridge has developed organically with the CEO being German-Armenian, bearing, understanding and communicating both cultures and languages… this is how the entire company and the team has been built.
Apart from delivering professional quality in our services, Code-Bridge is a Hub of multiple cultures, creating excellency in the outcome of our work and makes collaborating with us smooth and comfortable.